Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Family is the best.
They are the one I can go to when I am sad, angry, depressed and upset.
They are the one standing next to me even when I am wrong.

I am very aware that I was never a brilliant student, well in university at least. But to be thrown with that fact right at my face few times just made me look so bad and embarrassed.
Mother and youngest brother were angry at this. Mom said that if the low grades is such a trouble, then why the job interview and not just reject my application from the beginning. Youngest brother - ya' know, kids are sometimes just so cute - he asked why people look up so much to the grades. It is not like people with high grades could do job right. You might just ask 'the grades' to install air cond, he said (air cond is because of it is his field of jobs). Given the insult and low salary, mom asked me to just work as bank officer rather than the crappy company. So called one of the top10 but treating her daughter like sh*t at the interview LOL

We might be irrational and I might be overreact. I get upset for smallest thing I am unhappy with. But coming back home to people I love and knowing that they will stand right next to me regardless what happen just make me happy. Home is the best place to get protected from the dangers out there. Home is the best place to temporarily put down all the stress and burden. Family is the best people that can cheer you up with even only words (remember the air cond? I laughed so hard at that silly statement)


Saturday, March 8, 2014


It had been long since my last update. I still had a lot of #bloggingdebts going on but let's not go for these now. Most people that read my blog are my close friends so you guys must know already that I had graduated and now staying home.

Here comes the topic. I had been staying home for more than 3 months yet I am still staying home. Friends and relatives had been asking "Why are you always home?", "Haven't found a job yet?", "What are you do at home?", "Did you actually plan to work?", "Your mum feed you all these months after you graduate ar?" and so and so. They even comes in with "Youngsters nowadays huh. You all prefers to rest for months before get your ass off to find job right?"

Yes, I am very well aware that I am doing nothing at home being like an useless. At first, I enjoyed staying home so much. I have my big, new cozy room here which I can never rent a room up to this standard after I go out to the city for job. I have a 50' plasma in the living room, with all sort of Astro channels await for me. I have a comfortable dining room where everyday I am motivated to help cook good food for my family members, so we all can sit in a same table enjoying good meals.

But reality kicks in. I could not live this way for my whole life. I gotta go out and work. When people asked me, I had always reply "I am still waiting for companies' replies". I am not lying. I applied to few companies I wanted and I had been waiting for almost a month now. If I knew that companies will take their sweet time in replying, I would have apply last year in my final semester. I started to fret out. My friends are all working or waiting to commence already but I am at home doing nothing. Even for those who are not working, they are having work and travel in western countries. Everyday I am questioning myself, "What am I still doing at home?" but never really got myself an answer. I started to feel bad. Sure it is pretty easy for my mum to feed me. I eat only a little, I help do house chores but this is not what I wanted. My younger siblings have way lower qualifications than me but they are earning wages themselves. Me? Sometimes when my younger brother asked me about my job application, I was so ashamed to tell that I am still waiting and still applying. Sure he did not mean anything bad but is just curious and concern for my jobs, but still.

It is all my own fault that I am still jobless and staying home right now. If I could just move my lazy ass to apply for jobs during my last semester. Or at least right after I graduate. Before this I still told people that I will enjoy my CNY before start applying, damn and now I have enjoy my life way too much.

Sometimes I told myself to worry now or to feel bad now would not help. Just apply and apply for more companies and wait for the answers. Meanwhile, do anything I can at home. Cook, clean, tidy up, do filings, accompany my mum. And fill in this blog maybe.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Back to Study

After one month plus holiday-ing in the class, fooling with my classmates and doing nothing but surfing net in the room after class, I had finally get back to serious and start studying properly. Thanks to the test tomorrow LOL Spent half an hour in the library searching for the books needed and I had been studying for two days straight. And now decide to take a bit break by updating blog and change the template before I vomit on the books.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Over Rated

Does anyone else have this weird habit as I do?

Pictures taken at different time, different clothing stores. 

I have to confess that I particularly love trying on all the clothes displayed in the stores. And ended up never buying them :x Except if I have the cash or I really love the clothes. Or else I would just be trying for fun. I know the person at fitting room will hate me to death. I am so sorry that I cause you all troubles but I really just couldn't help it. Come on. It couldn't be just me. All girls love to do that! Or it is just really me? T_T

But do ya know the real reason I refuse to buy? I finally found the reasons today.

From Forever 21

Yup. I think all most of the clothes displayed in a well decorated store with ten plus promoters working in it inside an air condition shopping mall are over rated. Which I was usually reluctant to buy because of the reason. I would always compared the price of the attire in the stores with online boutique. The price difference is a big gap but at the same time, I can't deny that the quality will differ a lot too. But for me I care about the price more than the quality. So yeah. I could just try and try and try the clothes and take nice pictures inside fitting room and dream that one day I will marry a rich husband that he will buy me whatever I want. Nah, just kidding. I will earn the money myself. 

$money$ is so important nowadays that it must be printed on the cloth too.
Top from Forever 21, shorts from Hush Puppies (got it at RM10++ at warehouse clearance sale), the bag in the background is from a random bag shop in Sunway Pyramid

By the way, I am so in love with the clothes (and not to forget the price too!) at and Not really sure about the quality since I haven't purchase any outfit from getaaway and my purchase at newnaturalfashion is still on delivery. Mind sharing other good online boutique stores?

Thursday, September 12, 2013

If I want it I will go get it

I rarely update stuff in Facebook nowadays (and blog too :x sorry for the long hiatus) but today I was exceptionally boring that I updated the Facebook status twice. About going back hometown and cutting the hair short. 

For my last semester, I had pretty free lecture schedule where I do not have class on Friday and my Monday class started at 4pm. Thus since the first week of the semester I never failed to go back hometown every weekend. Back to hometown Raub on Friday morning and then to Nilai back on Monday morning. Today is Thursday and my class ended at 3pm. I thought of stick to the original routine to go back on Friday morning so I can stay to do bit of revision. Bullshit. I should have known myself well. Me doing revision when the test is two weeks ahead? C'mon. This is not me. And now regretted. Because I am mood-less to do anything at all in the hostel. Might as well go back hometown right? At least I get to eat good dinner lol. And when I regretted of not going back earlier; I decided that it was a bit too late to drive back at 7pm+. I always avoid driving at night due to my astigmatism. Then I just stick to regret-not-going-back-home mood for night, until I saw this..

This is how youngster is. Love to do insane stuff. Miss home out of sudden, then went back home. Today suddenly miss home much - now I am at home. Mama got surprised too. Haha

I just got speechless. Wtf was I thinking at the earlier of the day? My cousin was so right. You miss home, you go back now. She went back even for a day. Ok maybe a day plus. Went back hometown on Thursday evening and back to Nilai on Saturday morning for the part time job. Just because she missed home. Then why am I thinking so much? I want to go home - I will just go home now. 

Then another thing is the hair! I was thinking to chop it off to shoulder length. But then I am taking forever to make a decision T.T until I see this (below), at around the same time where I saw my cousin's status..

Where is the courage coming from?.... (I apologize that I am a banana the rest of the words are too hard for me to understand T.T)
Lemme present you the winner of Talent award for Asia Muse Search 2013 Miss Wei Chean. 

This is inspiration. I don't know why but this photo inspired me. Maybe because it was updated around the same time as the previous status, I felt inspired to just go with my feeling and cut my hair short. If I want short hair, then I will just go cut it short. Ok la maybe not as short as this. This is not shoulder length okay. 

I don't know why am I so afraid of doing things, and making new plan out of the old plan. I think too much of the consequences and outcomes, maybe? Maybe I should just get rid of the worry. The worry and stress will age people faster! We live just once. If I feel like doing it, I will just do it. As long as it didn't bring harm to me or people around me right? 

Like now, I feel like walking out to the convenient store for an ice-cream, and I will just go do it. I want the ice-cream and I will go get it. The consequences? Nah, I will jog two more laps tomorrow. 

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

There are 5 in the family
But the dinner prepared is for 4
The rice bowls on the table is only 3
I'll blame the upper generation for the way of upbringing the kids and the mistakes made
I promised myself that I won't let this happen in my own family in future
5 people means 5 rice bowls on the table
No more no less

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

It is a July Babies Birthday Gathering


An event that happened almost a year ago *guilty face* *looks around* *whistle*

Happiest gift ever is to gather together with a bunch of people I love. My birthday gathering or not, it doesn't matter. As long as we all gather and have a nice outing, it was the best for me. So I planned out this July babies birthday gathering. Cause you see, there are too many who are born in July in our group. Sher, Symone, Alex and me. It will not be practical if the members have to go out four times in a month, so I thought that why not have a combo gathering for all? So here it is, a July babies birthday gathering. But Symone and Alex were not able to make it there with us that day :(

Invite-only event at Facebook! Please ignore the date stated there as when we all reached agreement to have gathering on 28/7/2012, I did not bother to edit the date there anymore. And coincidentally, the date we picked for this gathering is the same date as my last year's birthday gathering! *big grin* And ignore the location as well. During the time, jimui Kyle was in UK, but because I don't want to miss him out, I just invited him to the event just to keep him updated. And then his hands just got itchy to change the location to UK, LOL

The girls had this weird obsession towards pork, yes, pork. Sorry my Muslim friends. And the venue chosen for this gathering was The Pork Place at Puchong. As we came in a big group, we occupied the whole upstairs area, as the area is small and only a table for 12 seats is placed there.

 Pork knuckles. Pork lovers will love this. It is good to share among 5-6 peoples.

One of the dishes ordered by the girls which I forgot what is the dish name and who ordered it. #disadvantageofbloggingoutdatedevent

Pork spaghetti which I regret ordering it. It is nice but came in big biggie portion. Can't finish it up by myself. I should just stick to sausages next time geez

Extra snacks brought by bestie Jesz. Chocolate from Europe!

Group shoots for the day. I represent July babies to thank you all that come :)

Like usual, there is always second round for our group. The next stop is at Subang Parade, as the girls wanted to watch movie.

 Yamcha at Uncle Lim while waiting for the screening time for Ice Age 4.

Random photos taken at Subang Parade. It was the first time we watch movie together in cinema in such a big group!

Pressie time!

 Pressie gathered from all over Europe for me! =') *touched* 

Because they know well that I love to at least do something to my eyes before going out.

Another present for my needs. Days before the gathering, I had posted a picture of melted comb into my Instagram *picture below* and then lovely jimuis decided to buy me this set of hair styling. I knew this present in advance but I just thought of the normal comb-type hair dryer. Never expect to get the big biggie set of hair styler.  

Cheap plastic comb melted because I placed the comb too near to the dryer LOL

Thank you all my girls and I love you all <3 jimuiforever=")<BR">